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Eden Row was founded in 2013 by two friends who shared a passion for sophisticated and wearable dresses and decided to start their own brand.

Encouraged by their loved ones and inspired by their determination to succeed the two decided to leave their jobs to realize their dream. Starting out with a small collection of just 5 styles, Eden Row soon gained loyal customers and now we have over 120 stockists in the UK, Ireland, USA, Hungary, Spain, Russia and the Netherlands.

The idea is to create clothes that are timeless, elegant, feminine but with a modern edge. The quality of our clothing is very important, and we ensure that the best materials are used in every design and we work closely with the manufacture to produce tailored luxury pieces.

Eden Row’s spirit is always feminine, modern and sometimes bold with highly perfected details. Every detail is designed to have aesthetic value, which gives a garment a sophisticated touch.

With every collection we strive to blend innovative ideas and unique concepts resulting in distinct and timeless pieces that will be loved for years to come.